Fiber Optics Grass Seeds

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Isolepsis cernua
Zone 8-10 Clumping 10-14″ tall & wide
Can adapt to indoors, treat as herbaceous perennial
Heat and moisture tolerant
Organically Grown Ornamental Grass Seeds for part sun to full sun, Canada

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Isolepsis Isolepsis Cernuacernua

Fiber Optics Ornamental Grass

Also known as Live Wire Grass

Fiber Optics Ornamental Grass (25) Seeds


Type: Award Winning Annual Clumping, Neutral Ornamental grass
Bloom: Early Summer to late Summer
Flower: Small silver white flowers at tips of stems
Height: 10-14″ tall & wide
Light: Part Sun to Sun
Soil: Average, moist to wet
P.H: Not particular
Moisture: Average
Zone: 8-10
Use: Can be grown as easy care houseplant at 40-50% relative room humidity and 65-80F. Use at waterside, bog gardens or in containers, mass planting, border, beds or as filler
Tolerances: Heat tolerant, some standing water
Notes: Where winters drop below 20F treat as annual. Above 20F grow as a herbaceous perennial where known to live for four yearsĀ  Re-pot in Spring every 2-3 yrs. Both plant and seeds are poisonous if eaten. Can cause skin irritation


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