Forget-Me-Not Seeds


Myosotis arvensis stunning in mass planting, carpet of dainty blue flowers
with distinctive yellow eyes from June to September
Superb for naturalizing. Easy to grow Forget-Me-Nots
Planted in the right spot, maintenance is low
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for partial shade, Canada


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Myosotis arvensisMyosotis arvensis Forget-Me-NotForget-Me-Not

Type: Annual, biennial, sometimes perennial dependent on zone
Bloom: June to September
Flower: Dainty, blue five lobed with yellow eye, 3-4 mm wide
Height: 4-6″ tall
Light: Any position but prefers partial shade
Soil: Variety of soils, not fussy. Enjoys soil enriched with leaf mold or compost. Well drained
P.H: Neutral
Moisture: prefers constant moist
Use: Containers, meadows, naturalizing,crafts,dried flower
Notes: Forget-me-not can cultivate to epic proportions. Reseeding annual so acts like a perennial. Best to deadhead soon after flowering, use containers or ideally plant out in back forty where the forget-me-nots can freely naturalize. If you don’t want it to take over, avoid planting in garden beds, otherwise you could be (easily) pulling for a few year
Zone: 3-8
Native to Europe

Myosotis arvensis Seed Propagation
Surface sow three weeks before last frost onto moist well-drained seed compost. Press seeds lightly into the soil cover with soil as darkness is needed for germination. Harden off before planting outdoors
Outdoors: Can be sown directly 1/8″ deep Spring to August or Fall in part shade where they are to flower after danger of frost has passed. Germination 1-2 weeks. Thin to 10″ apart


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