Geranium Deep Red Seeds


Geranium Deep Red Seeds, Pelargonium x hortorum
Hard to find, Calliope series has been the rave among my friends
Large clusters of velvety deep red flowers. Ivy foliage.
Easy to grow, baskets, borders, beds
Loved by hummingbirds who can’t resist the seductive deep red
12-14″ tall, Zone 9-11 Over winters well in frost free area
Annual Flower Seeds, Canada

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Pelargonium x hortorumGeranium Deep Red SeedsCalliope Deep Red

Geranium Deep Red Seeds


Type: Annual, trailing ivy foliage
Bloom: Late Spring to Autumn
Flower: Semi double ,deep red, velvety
Height: 12-14″ tall x 18-20″ wide
Light: Full to part sun
Soil: Rich, well drained
P.H.: 5.8-6.3
Moisture: Regular
Use: Baskets, beds, containers, window boxes, borders
Tolerances: Drought, heat & humidity. Somewhat deer resistant
Notes:  AAS 2017 Winner, Deadhead encourages continuous blooms. Easy to grow. Can over winter in frost free area. Seed to bloom 16 weeks & your friends will want one.
Zone: 9-11
Geranium Deep Red Native to South Africa

Pelargonium x hortorum Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow to cells 4 months before last frost to moist, sterile seed mix. Just covering seeds. Cover flat with clear plastic or dome. Maintain 70-75F & keep moist by misting. Germination 7-28 days
Transplant to 3.5-4″ pots when seedlings have three sets of true leaves. Provide 12-16 hrs bright light per day & grow on at 70F am 60F pm. Harden off before planting outside 10-12″ apart after risk of frosts
Outdoors: Transplant recommended


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