German Statice Goniolimon Seeds


German Statice Goniolimon Seeds. G. tataricum
Versatile Xeriscaping 12″ Evergreen Perennial
Easy to grow, use in fresh or dried bouquets
Attracts butterflies, resists deer. Zone 4-10

Organically Grown Perennial Seeds for full sun, Canada
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Goniolimon tataricumGerman Statice Goniolimon SeedsGerman Statice
also known as Dumosa

German Statice Goniolimon Seeds


Type: Perennial, herbaceous. Evergreen in warmer climates
Bloom:Mid to late Summer
Flower: Tiny 5 petaled, star-shaped, pinkish red flowers
Height: 12″ x 12″ tall & wide
Light: Full sun
Soil: Poor to average, well drained
P.H.: Not particular
Moisture: Dry to medium
Use: Fresh or dried bouquets. Accent, mass planting, edging, mixed perennial bed. Xeriscaping, Attracts butterflies. Deer & rabbit resistant
Tolerances: Drought, salt. Deer & rabbit resistant
Notes: Low maintenance. Assure good winter drainage

Zone: 4-10
Native to Coastal Mediterranean, Asia and Canary Islands

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Goniolimon tatricum Seed Propagation
Sow in Spring or Autumn to pots or flats of moist seedling media. Lightly cover with vermiculite or light dusting of compost. Cover with two thicknesses of newspaper. Needs darkness to germinate. Keep moist & maintain 65-70F soil temperature for germination 15-30 days. Move seedlings to light as they sprout. Transplant to 3″ posts once large enough to handle. Grow on at cooler temps. Harden off before plant out to permanent position once well established & soil has warmed


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