Geum ‘Lady Stratheden’ Seeds


Geum chiloense
Rich yellow semi double flowers on ends of slender arching stems
Great perennial bed filler, border, rock garden & cut flower
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for sun to part shade, Canada
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Geum chiloenseGeum 'Lady Stratheden' Seeds‘Lady Stratheden’

Geum ‘Lady Stratheden’ Seeds


Type: Herbaceous perennial, clumping
Bloom: Late Spring to late Summer
Flower: Semi double 1″ rich yellow on slender arching 18-24″ stems from basal rosette
Height: 24″
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Soil: Sharp, fertile, well drained
P.H: 6.1-7.3
Moisture: Well watered. Will not tolerate too wet of soils conditions
Zone: 5-7
Use: Perennial bed filler, borders, cut flower, mass plant, rock garden
Notes: Deadhead for re- blooming. Wont tolerate extreme hot or cold temperatures. Spreads by rhizomes & seed

Geum chilonese Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow ripe seeds from June to August or in Feb or Mar in cold frame Or indoors maintaining soil temp 61-68°F Germination 10-21 days. Plant out between Sept & Mar 12-18″ apart in groups of three. Over winter Summer sown plants in cold frame & put in nursery rows the following Spring. Grow on through summer. Plant out in Sept of same year.
Outdoors: Sow once soil can be worked after danger of frost. 1/16″ deep, 1″ apart Germination 10-21 days. Transplant between Sept & March


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