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Hebe ‘Oratia Beauty’ Seeds


Glossy dark green foliage of this shrub is as beautiful
as it’s racemes of flowers in white tipped with bright pink
Easy to grow, low maintenance, evergreen perennial for borders,
edging or container gardening
Organically grown shrub seeds for full sun to part shade, Canada

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Hebe albicansHebe Oratia Beaut' Seeds

‘Oratia Beauty’

Also known as Shrubby Veronica

Hebe ‘Oratia Beauty’ Seeds


Type: Evergreen Perennial Shrub
Bloom: June and July
Flower: White with pink tips on racemes
Height: 3′ tall & wide
Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Poor to moderately fertile, well drained
P.H: Neutral to alkaline
Moisture: Moist but well drained
Zone: To zone 8
Use: Borders, beds, containers, slopes
Tolerances: Some pollution
Problems: Aphids, leaf spot, downy mildew may be a problem
Notes: Easy to grow, prefers exposed position. Light prune unsightly shoots mid to late spring, as desired
Native to New Zealand

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Hebe albicans Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct sow recommended
Outdoors: Surface sow tiny ripe seed onto prepared seed bed in July/August
or in Spring or Autumn using sandy seeding compost, covering thinly
Move to unheated greenhouse or cold frame or position out of direct sunlight. Keep moist. Seeds need cold stratification & should germinate by Spring. Some seeds can take more than a year to germinate
Cultivar may not come true from seed
Transplant once large enough to handle


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