Hesperis Dame’s Rocket Seeds


Hesperis Dame’s Rocket Seeds Perennial Herb,
Wildflower for Full sun, sandy loam
Solution for moist, open & sunny areas. Will self seed

Open Pollinated, Non-GMO
Organically Grown Perennial flower seeds, Canada

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Hesperis matronalis Hesperis Dame's Rocket Seeds

Dame’s Rocket

Hesperis Dame’s Rocket Seeds


Type: Biennial, Herb
Bloom: May to August
Flower: 1″ cross shaped, four petaled light purple flowers on 18″ spikes
Height: 2-3′ tall x 1-2′ wide
Light: Full sun. Some shade in hottest climates
Soil: Sandy loam, moist area
P.H.: 6.0-7.5
Moisture: Ample water. Solution for moist areas
Use: Perennial border, meadow, roadside, mass planting, medicinal, edible leavesĀ 
Tolerances: Moderate water
Notes: Sweet evening scent. Attracts bees, butterflies & hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Deadhead after flowering promotes bloom. Easy to grow. Will self seed.

Zone: 3-8
Native to S Europe, W Asia

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Hesperis – Dame’s Rocket Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow to moistened seeding media, 2″ pots in cold frame during March or April
Outdoors: Direct sow to open ground in sunny location during April. Keep moist until germination. Prick out seedlings to sunny nursery bed in May or June. Grow on until transplanting to permanent position in Autumn, 18″ apart


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