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Himalayan Honeysuckle Leycestra Seeds


Himalayan Honeysuckle Leycestra Seeds
No mixed shrub border is complete without a hardy

6′ tall Himalayan Honeysuckle with 2-4″ long racemes Summer to frost.
Leycestra tolerates coastal exposure, shade,
moist areas. Zone 7-9. Organically Grown Shrub Seeds, Canada

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Leycestra formosaHimalayan Honeysuckle Leycestra SeedsHimalayan honeysuckle

Himalayan Honeysuckle Leycestra Seeds

Type: Shrub, hardy
Bloom: mid Summer to frost
Flower: Creamy white flowers, dark red bracts, dark purple berries on 2-4″ long racemes
Height: 6′ tall x 5′ wide
Light: Full sun, part sun
Soil: Moist, ordinary, well drained
P.H.: 6.1-6.5
Moisture: Moderate
Use: Culinary, grouping, mixed borders, woodlands, seaside
Tolerances: Coastal exposure, shade
Notes: Fast growth rate. Protect from strong winds.
Late Winter to early Spring can cut back to 6″ from ground
Zone: 7-9
Himalayan Honeysuckle Leycestra Native to Himalayas, China

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Leycestra formosa Seed Propagation
Surface sow to packs of moist medium in cold frame February or March. Press in, very light cover of sand,vermiculite or soil. Erratic germination 1 month to 1 year. When seedlings are large enough to handle, prick them off to pans or boxes, later to 4” pots. Grow on under glass for one year before planting out between October and March.
Note these are Fresh Seeds & have not been stored. The secret to successful Fresh Leycestra seed germination is a short cold stratification. Sow immediately in a cold frame or unheated green house for germination in Spring.


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