Hollyhock White Seeds


Alecea filicifolia
5-6′ tall sturdy sun loving perennials
with spikes of pure white flowers all summer long
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun

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AleceaHollyhock antwerp white filicifolia

Hollyhock ‘Antwerp White’ Seeds


Type: Hardy herbaceous perennial
Bloom: Mid to late Summer
Flower: Pure White
Height: 5-6′ tall & compact
Light: Full Sun & sheltered
Soil: Well cultivated. Heavy & rich is ideal
Moisture: Moderate to dry. Freely during dry weather
Zone: 3-9
Use: Grouped in borders
Tolerances: Heat
Problems: Although said to be disease resistant rust can be a problem
Notes: Can allow to stand for ladybugs to overwinter


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