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Kolkwitzia Beauty Bush Seeds


Kolkwitzia Beauty Bush seeds now available. K. amabilis
Resembles a bridals wreath type show. Profuse early spring blooms
Give lots of room & let it go
Every avid collector should have a deciduous Beauty Bush Kolkwitzia.
Showy, deer resistant. Organically Grown
Kolkwitzia Beauty Bush seeds for full sun to partial shade, Canada.

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Kolkwitzia amabilis Kolkwitzia Beauty Bush Seeds

Beauty Bush

Kolkwitzia Beauty Bush Seeds


Type: Shrub, deciduous
Bloom: May and June
Flower: 2-3″ wide clusters of 5 lobed light pink flowers with yellow throats
Height: 6-12′ tall x 6-10′ wide
Light: Full sun, part shade
Soil: Ordinary well drained soil
P.H.: 5.0-8.0
Moisture: Regular
Use: Back border, specimen, mixed perennial border, part dappled shade corner
Tolerances: Neglect, deer resistant Notes: Give lots of room. Keep in check. Lightly shorten long arching stems to just above the ground or it will root
Zone: 4-8
Native to China

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Kolkwitzia amabilis Seed Propagation
Indoors: Indoors: Pour hot water over seeds & soak 24 hours, then cold stratify in fridge for 90-120 days. Check often. Pot up seedlings immediately. Sow remainder of seed with light cover. Keep moist & maintain room temperature for germination 12-20 days
Outdoors: Sow in Autumn for Spring germination 3/8″ deep. Tamp to firm. Mulch


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