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Lemon Balm Herb Seeds


Lemon Balm Herb Seeds – Melissa officinalis,
Hardy Culinary Herb, strongly lemon scented
Use in teas, culinary & potpourri
Organically Grown Perennial Herb Seeds for full sun, Canada


Melissa officinalisLemon Balm Herb Seeds

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm Herb Seeds

Type: Perennial Herb Seed
Bloom: Summer
Flower: White. Lemony scented leaves
Height: 1-2′ tall
Light: Full Sun or light shade if summers are hot
Soil: Slightly moist, well drained
P.H: Neutral 7.0
Moisture: Average
Zone: 4-10
Use: Containers, herb gardens & pathways. Drink flavoring, calming herb tea, light lemon flavor for jellies & salads. Lemon peel substitute for cooking
Tolerances: Heat, dry conditions, deer & rabbit resistant
Problems: Will spread by root. Best kept in pot or out planted where allowed to naturalize
Notes: Cut back after flowering to prevent self seeding

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Melissa officinalis Seed Propagation
Indoors: Surface sow early spring into packs or containers. Provide bright light, maintain 65-70F & keep moist for germination
Outdoors: Sow outdoors late Spring where plants are to grow. Thin 12-18″ apart


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