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Lemon Balm Herb Seeds


Lemon Balm Herb Seeds – Melissa officinalis,
Hardy Culinary Herb, strongly lemon scented
Use in teas, culinary & potpourri
Organically Grown Perennial Herb Seeds for full sun, Canada
100 sd/pkt


Melissa officinalisLemon Balm Herb Seeds

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm Herb Seeds

Type: Perennial Herb Seed
Bloom: Summer
Flower: White. Lemony scented leaves
Height: 1-2′ tall
Light: Full Sun or light shade if summers are hot
Soil: Slightly moist, well drained, fertile
P.H: Neutral 7.0
Moisture: Average
Zone: 4-10
Use: Containers, herb gardens & pathways. Drink flavoring, calming herb tea, light lemon flavor for jellies & salads. Lemon peel substitute for cooking
Tolerances: Heat, dry conditions, deer & rabbit resistant, poor soil, dry conditions
Problems: Will spread by root. Best kept in pot or out planted where allowed to naturalize
Notes: Cut back after flowering to prevent self seeding

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Melissa officinalis Seed Propagation
Indoors: Surface sow 6-8 weeks early into packs or containers of sterile soil. Press in to firm. Very light vermiculite cover to help retain moisture if necessary. Keep only slightly moist, not wet. Bottom feed to keep flats from drying out & prevent seeds from dislodging. Provide bright light, maintain 65-70F soil temperature for germination 10-14 days. Grow on in slightly cooler temperatures 
Outdoors: Surface sow outdoors late Spring when soil temperatures are a reliable 50F night time. Sow where plants are to grow. Cover very lightly if necessary. May want to use wire or netting to prevent¬† rodents from eating your seeds. Thin to 12-18″ apart¬†


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