Madame Butterfly Snapdragon Seeds


Antirrhinum majus, ‘Madame Butterfly
Gorgeous double flowers in mixed shades
on 24″ stems from Spring through fall
Excellent cut flower. May overwinter if mulched
Organically Grown Annual Flower seeds, Canada

25 seeds/pkt

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Antirrhinum majus‘Madame Butterfly’ Snapdragon


Type: Annual 110-120 days
Bloom: Spring through Fall
Flower: Double azalea shaped flowers in mixed shades
Height: 24″
Light: Full Sun to part shade
Soil: Light, sandy, rich, well drained
P.H: 5.5-5.8
Moisture: Allow to dry between watering
Zone: To zone 7
Use: Cut flower, mass planting, borders, beds
Notes: Fertilize monthly. May overwinter in warmer climates if mulched

Madame Butterfly Snapdragon Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow thinly to flats or pans Feb, Mar or July to August in equal parts compost, sand & peat with no nutrient. Water in gently or cover with fine sand or grit & bottom feed. Maintain 55F soil temp. Germination 10-20 days. Thereafter water with diluted liquid feed. Prick to boxes & grow on at 50F. Harden off before plant out in permanent position from March to June
Outdoors: Snapdragons enjoy cool soil & can be sown before last frost. Sprinkle seeds thinly on soil surface, recommended to cover 4x thickness of seed & firm. Germination 2 weeks


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