Marigold French Orange Seeds


Marigold French Orange Seeds, Tagetes patula
French Orange Marigold brightens up any border or container
Naturally deters plant pests. Easy to Grow
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Tagetes patula

Marigold French Orange SeedsseedsOrange French Marigold


Type: Annual, Bushy, Fast Growing
Bloom: Summer to early Autumn
Flower: Bright orange double
Height: 12” tall and wide
Light: Full sun
Soil: Any well drained soil but moderately fertile is ideal
P.H.: 6.1-6.5

Moisture: Regular water until established
Use: Bedding, container, edging, mass planting, companion planting, mixed border
Tolerances: Heat and drought tolerant. Deer and rabbit resistant
Problems: Slugs, snails enjoy tender leaves of seedlings
Notes: Dead head not necessary but improves growth and flower size and prolongs blooming
Zone: 9-11
Native to Mexico

Tagetes patula Seed Propagation
Sow mid Spring with light cover at 64F. Prick to boxes & harden off in cold frame. Plant out May
Spring sow in prepared bed after danger of frost has passed. ¼” deep mid to late May in Zone 8. Germinates in 7 days. Thin or transplant when 2-3” tall


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