Marigold Red Stripe Seeds


Marigold Red Stripe Seeds
Also known as Jolly Jester
Unique single Marigold, Heirloom
Bright Yellow-Orange with Mahogany Stripes
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada


Marigold Red Stripe SeedsRed Stripe MarigoldTagetes patula

Also known as Jolly Jester Marigold


Type: Annual, Fast Growing
Bloom: Summer to early Autumn
Flower: Single, bright yellow with bold mahogany stripe on outer sides of each petal
Height: 8-10″ tall
Light: Full sun
Soil: Any well drained soil but moderately fertile is ideal
P.H.: 6.1-6.5
Moisture: Regular water until established
Use: Bedding, container, edging, mass planting, companion planting, mixed border

Tolerances: Heat and drought tolerant. Deer and rabbit resistant
Problems: Slugs, snails enjoy tender leaves of seedlings
Notes: Dead head not necessary but improves growth and flower size and prolongs blooming
Zone: 9-11
Native to Mexico

Marigold Red Stripe Seed Propagation
Sow mid Spring with light cover at 64F. Prick to boxes & harden off in cold frame. Plant out May
Spring sow in prepared bed after danger of frost has passed. ¼” deep mid to late May in Zone 8. Germinates in 7 days. Thin or transplant when 2-3” tall


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