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Mexican Marigold


Tagetes lucida
Easy to grow
Cheerful bright yellow flowers
Great for lining any flower bed
Continual abundance of flowers throughout Summer
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada


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Tagetes lucidaMexican MarigoldMexican Marigold

Also known as Spanish Tarragon, Mexican Mint


Type: Perennial, herb
Bloom: Aug to Sept
Flower: Yellow, Single, Hermaphrodite
Height: 2′ x 1′
Light: Sun
Soil: Well drained
P.H.:  6.0-7.5

Moisture: Dry or moist soil
Use: Flower beds, boxes, containers, culinary, medicinal, insecticide, herbicide

Tolerances: Can tolerate heavy soil
Zone: 8-11
Native to Mexico

Tagetes lucida Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow 60F weeks before last frost. Press in & cover lightly with vermiculite. Bottom feed. Maintain 70-75F for germination 4-14 days. harden off before planting out 12-18″ apart
Outdoors: Direct sow 2 weeks before the last frost


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