Money Plant Seeds


Money Plant “Honesty”
Lunaria biennis L. annua
Purple biennial summer flower, attracts bees
Free flowering four petal purple fragrant flower
Lunaria biennis Money Plant Seeds, Canada

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Money Plant

Money PlantLunaria biennis L. Annua


Money Plant Seeds

Type: Tender Biennial
Bloom: Early Summer to late Summer
Flower: Fragrant four petal, Purple free flowering followed by circular silvery white translucent seed pods
Height: 36″ tall
Light: Full sun to part shade. Prefers noon hour shade
Soil: Fertile, moist but well drained
P.H: 5.0 – 7.0
Water: Moderate to Moist
Zone: Hardy to Zone 4
Use: Valued for ornamental seed pods, specimen & fragrance. Attracts bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects
Tolerances: Somewhat drought tolerant once established
Notes: Protect evergreen rosette with mulch to overwinter. Needs cold period over first winter to initiate stem growth that produces flowers.



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