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Moss Curled Parsley Seeds


Moss Curled Parsley Seeds, Biennial herb
Sow in succession once soil has warmed
through to mid Summer for a continuous supply
of Moss Curled Parsley to use fresh or dried
Direct sow recommended but can start indoors
Easy to grow annual herb, full of vitamins
Non-GMO, Open pollinated, Organically Grown Herb Seeds, Canada
100 sd/pkt

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Petroselinum crispum Moss Curled Parsley SeedsMoss Curled Parsley

Moss Curled Parsley Seeds


Type: Biennial herb
Bloom: Mid to late Summer
Flower: Umbels of small yellowish green flowers
Height:10-12″ tall
Light: Full sun
Soil: Rich, deep, well drained soil
Use: Fresh or dried seasoning, flavouring, juicing, garnish. Indoors, beds, containers, veg or herb garden
Tolerances: Heat, frost, some shade
Notes: Easy to grow, nutritious. Grow as an annual

Zone: 8-10
Native to Europe and west Asia

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Petroselinum crispum Seed Propagation
Indoors: Soak seeds overnight. Sow 1/4″ deep 8-10 weeks before last frost or mid Feb to mid March in Zone 8. Keep evenly moist & maintain 50-80F soil temperature. Erratic germination 12-28 days. Transplant at second set of true leaves. Harden off before planting out 12″ apart
Outdoors: Sow direct in Spring once soil has warmed. May on wards in Zone 8. Keep evenly moist. For prolonged harvest, sow successively throughout mid summer. Thin to 6-8″ apart 


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