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Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca Seeds


Leonurus cardiaca
To 5′ tall with whorls of pale pink to pale purple flowers
June to August
Organically Grown Perennial Herb Seeds for full sun, Canada
50 sds/pkt

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Leonurus cardiacaMotherwort Leonurus cardiaca Seeds

Motherwort Seeds


Type: Perennial, Evergreen Shrub, Herb
Bloom: June to August
Flower: Whorls of pale pink to purple
Height: 5′ tall x 2′ wide
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Light, well drained, fairly poor
P.H: 7.7
Moisture: Little to none
Zone: 4-8
Use: Best in mass. Attracts bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects
Tolerances: Rabbit & Deer resistant

Leonurus cardiaca Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow to packs 1/8″ deep & keep moist. Maintain 65-75F for germination 2-3 weeks. If no germination, place in zip lock and move to the fridge for 2-4 weeks. Then return to 65-75 for germination. Space 12-15″ apart after frost
Outdoors: Direct sow late Fall 1 seed per inch in rows 24″ apart. No more than 1/4″ deep. Thin to 12″ apart in rows 24-30″ apart


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