Nasturtium majus Phoenix Seeds


Unique ‘Phoenix’ Nasturtium majus for full sun. Split petal, feathery flowers from Spring to Fall.
Foliage is equally unique with Phoenix as the leaf petal form points at where normally with nasturtiums are rounded.
Easy to grow. Edible flowers as well as unripe seed pods.
Ordinary soil, full sun.

Unfortunately photos in this post do no justice to the special features of Nasturtium majus Phoenix

Organically grown Annual Flower Seeds, Canada
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Tropaeolum majusnasturtium majus phoenix seedsPhoenix

Nasturtium majus Phoenix Seeds

Type: Annual, compact
Bloom: June to September
Flower: Prolific mix of red, orange & yellow unique flowers with split feathery petals. Leaves have points rather than rounded like most nasturtiums
Height: Phoenix will grow to 12″ in height
Light: Sun
Soil: Ordinary, well drained garden soil
P.H.: 6.5-7.0
Moisture: Low water requirements although regular water in prolonged dry weather
Use: Excellent for containers, use in borders, beds as colourful ground cover, window boxes. Flowers & unripe seeds are edible
Tolerance:Poor soil, some drought, some shade
Notes: Deadheading encourages re-bloom, easy to grow. Fertilizing is not encouraged
Native to South & Central America, Mexico

Tropaeolum majus Seed Propagation
Indoors: Soak 12-24hrs prior to sowing Feb or Mar in pots or pans. 3 seeds per plant 1/2″ deep. Germination 1 week. Maintain soil temp 61F. Transplant to 3″ pots or harden off & plant out in Apr-May
Outdoors: Sow in place in Apr-May or a week after last frost in sandy well drained soil. 2 seeds 1/2″ deep 4″ apart. Thin to 8-12″apart after 7-12 days germination


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