Out of Africa Nasturtium Seeds


Tropaeolum majus
Easy and fun to grow
Edible Flowers
Trailing, Low maintenance
Continuous blooms all summer long
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seed, Canada

10 seeds/pkt


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Tropaeolum majusout of africaOut of Africa Nasturtium


Type: Half Hardy Annual, Molted Variegated Leaves, Trailing
Bloom: June to Sept
Flower:  2″ Yellow, Burgundy, Reds
Height: 4′ +
Light: Full sun
Soil: Loamy, P.H. 6.1-7.8
Moisture: As needed, Quite forgiving but appreciates regular water during dry periods 
Zone: 5-10
Use: Culinary, Rockery, Over walls, Planters
Tolerances: Poor soil
Notes: You’ll never have to buy Out of Africa Nasturtium seeds again! Dead head to encourage continuous bloom 


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