Pepper Sweet Banana Seeds


Capiscum annuum Heirloom
70 days to 4-6″ long slender fruits
Can be harvested green yellow, orange or red
Versatile crispy sweetness pairs well in sandwiches
just as it does in the roasting pan
Delicious in salads, can be pickled, fried, used in sauces,
appetizers, relishes & stuffing or eaten fresh & freezes well
Organically Grown Vegetable Seeds for full sun

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Sweet Banana Pepper


Pepper ‘Sweet Banana’
Hungarian Wax Peppers

Sweet Banana Pepper (20) Heirloom Seeds

Type: Tender Annual Heirloom. Sweet Vegetable, 70 days
Bloom: Mid Spring into Summer
Flower: 5 petal, white
Fruit: 4-6′ long x 1.5-2″ diameter slender fruits
Height: 16-24″ tall
Light: Full sun
Soil: Rich, moist, well drained
P.H: 6.0-6.8
Moisture: Evenly moist
Use: Appetizers, relishes, roasting, sandwiches, sauces, stuffing. Fruits freeze well. Suitable for container gardening
Tolerances: Heat tolerant
Problems: Possibly aphids, cutworms flea beetle, thrips, white fly
Notes: Fruits start out light yellow & turn to bright red. High in vitamins B6, C, & folate. Harvest early to encourage more fruiting throughout season by cutting off when full size, with firm skins, either when yellow, orange or red. Fresh fruits will last up to one week in cool, dark & dry conditions. When temps start to cool into late summer, pull plant & hang upside down to dry. Low maintenance, Easy to grow


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