Poppy Danish Flag Seeds


Papaver somniferum Danebrog Danish Flag
Rich red feathered edges
with pure white inside cross stripes
Extra large seed pods great for crafting
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for Full Sun

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Papaver danish flag poppy danebrogsomniferum danebrog

Danish Flag Poppy (Approx.100+) Seeds


Type: Annual
Bloom: Mid Summer to early Fall
Flower: 5″ wide intense red feathered edges with inside pure white cross stripes
Height: 4-5′ tall
Light: Sun to little or no shade
Soil: Deep, moist & well drained
P.H: 6.1-7.4
Moisture: Average
Zone: 7-10
Use: Bedding, border or mass planting. Extra large seed pods valued for dried flower arrangements. Attracts butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects


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