Prairie Drop Seed Seeds


Prairie Drop Seed Seeds & Propagation
Sporobolus heterolepis, clumping, warm season,
perennial ornamental grass
Drought tolerant. Deer resistant
Containers, ground cover, accent.
Organically grown Prairie Drop Seed Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Prairie Drop Seed SeedsPrairie Drop SeedSporobolus heterolepis
Prairie Dropseed Ornamental Grass


Type: Perennial, Warm season, clumping
Bloom: Aug to Oct
Flower: Pinkish green a top 2′ tall tufts
Height: 2-4′ tall with flowers x 2-3′ wide
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well drained, somewhat fertile
P.H.: 6.1-6.5
Moisture: Low
Use: Borders, containers, erosion control, ground cover, mass planting, meadow or prairie, mixed plantings, lawn replacement. Fall interest, deer resistant
Tolerances: Drought once established, heat, foot traffic, dry soil, rocky soil
Notes: Slow to establish

Zone: 3-8
Native to N America

Sporobolus – Prairie Drop Seed Propagation
Indoors: Store seeds in fridge for 30 days dry stratification. Sow 1/4″ deep, 12-15 seeds per cell, 4 weeks early, before outdoor night temperatures reliably 50F. Keep moist but not wet, maintain 70-75 F soil temperature until germination. Grow on at cooler temperatures. Harden off before planting out 24-36″ apart
Outdoors: Direct sow in the fall or dry stratify seed before sowing in the Spring. Sow 1/4″ deep. Prefers cool temperatures to germinate. Thin to required spacing 50% average germination rate, Oversow


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