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Kniphofia uvaria Torch Lily
Stately blooms in dark orange to yellow from June to October
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Kniphofia uvariaKniphofia UvariaRed Hot Poker

Torch Lily


Type: Perennial, very hardy. Cormous plants, Easy to grow
Bloom: June to Oct. Early Summer to Early Fall
Flower: Nice big yellow orange and flame red torch-like spikes 2.5’ tall
Height: 2.5’ – 3’ tall x 14” wide
Light: Full sun, open position
Soil: Well drained, especially in winter. Adaptable to most soils. Do not require richly manured soils
Moisture: Plenty of water in summer
Zone: 5-10
Where winters are -15 and below, carefully lift and store indoors to plant in Spring
Use: Cut flower,specimen or focal points in border. Associate with shrubs or as isolated groups
Tolerances: Frost hardy to somewhat frost tender. Wind and coastal regions. Deer Resistant
Problems: Possibly thrips, flowers and leaves, causing mottling, distortion and discoloration. Generally trouble free
Notes: Tie up late Autumn (November or December) to protect crowns from from rain. Can be left undisturbed for years
Will not survive in wet or poorly drained soils
Grow With: Black Eyed Susan, Blazing Star, Potentilla Miss Willmott


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