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Rosemarinus officinalis
Perennial Evergreen Culinary Herb Plant
Spring to Fall Mauve Blue/Lavender Flower Clusters
Deer and Rabbit resistant. Fragrant
1 Gal Organically Grown Perennial Herb
Rosemary Herb Seeds Here

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RosmarinusRosemary Plantofficinalis

Rosemary (1 Gal) Plant


Type: Erect Perennial Evergreen Herb, Fragrant
Bloom: April-Sept 1/2 – 3/4 inch
Flower: Mauve Blue Lavender flowers in clusters
Height: 6-7’ tall x: 5′ wide
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Well drained
Moisture: Doesn’t like wet feet when it becomes cold. Occasional during hot season. Allow to dry between watering
Zone: 6-11

Use: Fresh or dried, culinary, evergreen border, perennial herb garden
Tolerances: Thrives in hot/dry conditions. Deer and rabbit resistant
Notes: Does not tolerate wet feet in cold temperatures. Low maintenance
Plant Out: March or April, 24-36″ apart




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