Snapdragon Dwarf Mix Seeds


Finally a Dwarf Snapdragon in a colourful mix from mid Summer to frost,
for borders, containers, cut flower and children’s garden.
Easy to grow, hardy, cool weather annual for full sun, Canada
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Antirrhinum majus

snapdragon dwarf mix seeds

Snapdragon Dwarf Mix

Snapdragon Dwarf Mix Seeds

Type: Hardy, Cool Weather Annual or tender perennial dependant on growing zone
Bloom: Mid Summer until frost
Flower: A mix of tightly packed flowers in red, yellow, pink & purple
Height: 6-8″ tall x 10″ wide
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Ordinary garden soil, enriched with compost & well drained
P.H.: 6.2-7.0
Moisture: Low water requirements although regular water promotes flowering & required during high season, without any rain for a duration
Use: Border, containers, cottage garden, en mass, perennial bed, cut flower, window boxes, children’s garden, miniature gardening. Attracts bees & hummingbirds
Tolerance: Poor soil, dry conditions
Notes: Deer seem to avoid low maintenance snapdragons. Deadheading promotes continual bloom. Avoid over-watering. Water from the bottom to ensure foliage remains dry. When blooming fades, cut back to six inches to promote re-bloom
Zone: 7-10
Native to Mediterranean

Grow with Marigolds, Sweet William, Dianthus

Antirrhinum majus Seed Propagation
Indoors: Store seeds in fridge for a week before sowing or place freshly sown container, or flat in cool 41-47F temps for a week, then position to maintain 70F soil temps. Grown as annual, start seeds 8-10 weeks early, before last expected frost date. Surface sow to flats of moist seedling media 1/2″ apart February to March. Lightly press in to firm. No cover as these seeds require light to germinate. Use prop case or humidity dome & maintain 70F soil temperature for germination 10-20 days. Transplant seedlings as they appear & grow on at 50F. Tips can be pinched at 4″ tall to promote branching. Harden off before transplanting in permanent position after risk of Spring frosts have passed
Outdoors: Surface sow thinly to prepared seed bed early Spring, after danger of Spring frosts have passed. Keep moist & weed free. Thin or transplant to 6″ apart once 2-3 sets of true leaves develope. Additionally sow in the Fall for early Spring blooms in zones 7-10



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