Strawflower Monstrosum Helichrysum Seeds


Cheerful, double flowered, pink & white bi-colour ‘Monstrosum’ Helichrysum.
Everlasting Strawflower on tall sturdy stems.
Low maintenance wildflower for middle of mixed flower bed, wildflower meadow or cut flower garden.
Easy to grow, Organically Grown Annual flower seeds, Canada.
50 sds/pkt

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Helichrysum bracteatumstrawflower monstrosum helichrysum seeds

‘Monstrosum’ Strawflower

Strawflower Monstrosum Helichrysum Seeds

Type: Annual
Bloom: Summer to Frost
Flower: Large pink white double flowers
Height: 3-4′ tall
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Light, enriched with compost, well drained soil
P.H.: 6.5-7.0
Moisture: Regular to none
Zone: 4-9
Use: Cut flower before fully open but showing centre disk for winter decor. To dry, hang upside down in cool shed, out of direct sun, until fully dried. Everlasting. Suitable addition to wildflower garden, meadow, mixed bed
Tolerances: Tolerates heat & drought once established

Notes: Too rich soil compromises colour. Low maintenance. Deadheading encourages blooms
Native to Australia

Grow with other wildflowers such as Echinacia, Cupids Dart, Verbena, Globe Thistle, Poppies, Rudbeckia

Helichrysum bracteatum Seed Propagation
Indoors: Surface sow to pans of sterile seeding media February, March or mid to late April. Approximately 5-6 weeks before last Spring frost. Press in. No cover or lightly with vermiculite or two sheets of newspaper. Needs darkness to germinate 7-14 days. Keep moist & maintain 64F soil temperature. Prick out to boxes & harden off in cold frame before planting out in flowering site, 12″ apart in April or May
Outdoors: Transplant recommended or sow in prepared seed bed late Spring to early Summer. Keep moist until germination. Thin to required spacing.



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