Sunflower Russian Gold Seeds


Helianthus annus
Mammoth Russian Gold Sunflower
Commonly grown for seed oil, cut flower 
Organically grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun

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Russian Mammoth Gold Sunflowerannus

Mammoth Russian Gold Sunflower (10) Seeds


Type: Annual
Bloom: Summer
Flower: 12″ wide gold edged flower heads, darker inner petals with dark centers
Height: 10′ tall
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Well drained
P.H.: 6-7.5
Moisture: Moderate. Generously in dry weather
Zone: 4-11
Use: Most notably for it’s oil seed. Attracts songbirds, bees and butterflies 
Problems: Support during winds
Notes: Fertilize in Spring to promote large flower heads


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