Sweet Pea Perennial Seeds


Sweet Pea Perennial Seeds.
Hard to find Lathyrus latifolius bi-color
climbs 6-8′ tall or more

Both Pink & Purple flowers all summer long
Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada


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Lathyrus latifoliusSweet Pea PerennialEverlasting Perennial Sweet Pea Seeds


Type: Perennial, Tendril Climber
Bloom: Summer
Flower: Pinks and purples
Height: 8’+ tall
Light: Full Sun. Will tolerate some shade
Soil: Fertile, well drained
Moisture: Evenly Moist, not water logged. Drought tolerant once established
Zone: 5-9
Use: Wall, trellis, arbor, fence, cut flower
Tolerances: Frost hardy, Part Shade
Problems: Watch for Aphids
Notes: Low maintenance

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Lathyrus latifolius Seed Propagation
Indoors: Nic or soak 24hrs Indoors: Sow Sept or Mar in boxes or pans 6-8 wks b4 last frost. Maintain soil temp: 61°F for germination10-20 days. Transplant: Pot on to 3” pots. Pinch out at 4” tall. Harden off in cold frame.
Outdoors: In site Sept, Oct (In fall where winters are mild) or Mar (early Spring while soil is cool and light frost still possible) Dig trench 3″ deep. Drop 3-4 seeds per foot. Germination 2 weeks. Cover with 1″ soil. Continue to cover with 1″ soil as seedlings come through & trench is level with ground. Thin to 6-10″ in Apr. Pinch at 4″ to encourage branching. Support.


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