Sweet Pea White Seeds


Beautiful Accent Sweet Pea
To 8′ tall for fence, trellis
Annual Flower Seeds

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Sweet Pea White

White Tall Sweet PeaLathyrus

Tall White Sweet Pea (10 Seeds)

Type: Annual
Bloom: July to Oct
Flower: White
Height: 5-8’ tall
Light: Sun
Soil: Any normal, well drained garden soil will yield good results but well drained, medium loam, slightly alkaline is ideal. It is helpful to add bulky organic material to soil. Enjoys cool root run
Water: Evenly moist not water logged
Zone: 4-10
Use: Grow along wall or trellis, up trees or along a fence
Tolerances: Frost Hardy, Part shade
Problems: Aphids on mature plants. Slugs enjoy the tender leaves and stalks of young shoots
Notes: Pick regularly to prolong blooming period


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