Tomato ‘Sweety’ Seeds


Solanum lycopersicum ‘Sweety’ Heirloom Cherry Tomato 50-80 days
Indeterminate, Long season, Prolific producer, Cold tolerant
Clusters of 15-20, 1-1.5″ bite sized sweet cherry tomatoes, 6′ vines
Organically Grown Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, Canada

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SolanumSweety Cherry Tomatolycopersicum

‘Sweety’ Cherry Tomato

‘Sweety’ Cherry Tomato Heirloom (10) Seeds

Type: Indeterminate Cherry 50-80 days
Fruit: 15-20, 1-1.5″ bite sized (1oz) sweet tomatoes in clusters
Height: 6′ vines x 36″ wide
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Fertile, well drained
P.H: 6.5-6.7
Moisture: Constant, 1″ per week
Use: Perfect for salads, preserves, juicing
Tolerances: Cool wet conditions, Alternaria stem canker
Notes: Prolific producer. Long season. 12-14% sugar content
Grow With: French Marigolds to deter whitefly, Basil, Chives or Mint to deter aphids


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