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Western Red Cedar Tree Seeds


Thuja plicata
Stately Specimen, Shade, Hedge, Woodland or Park
Almost 200′ mature height
Organically Grown Tree Seeds for full sun, Canada
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ThujaThuja Plicataplicata

Western Red Cedar Seeds


Type: Tree, Giant Arborative, Columnar Form. Conifer, Evergreen. Fast growing and Long lived. Narrowly conic when young
Flat, pineapple scented leaves, shiny, rich mid-green above with narrow white marks beneath
Bloom: March to April
Flower: Yellow brown 1” cones on mature trees
Height: 196′ x 39′ tall, 55’ x 20’, to 80’ in parkland, fast rate growth
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Ordinary, Deep, Moist in sheltered position
Moisture: Keep young trees consistently moist for the first couple years
Zone: 5-8
Use: Specimen and screen. Dense hedge, Woodland, Parkland
Tolerances: Deer resistant, snow and ice as well as many soil conditions, heat, humidity and drought resistant once established
Problems: T. plicata susceptible to honey fungus, which infests and kills the roots
Western Red Cedar Trees available in 1 gal and 2 gal locally


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