White Lace Flower Seeds


White Lace Flower Seeds
Sun loving hardy annual Orlaya grandiflora grown as
cut flower for it’s umbels of tiny white flowers June to September.
Attracts honeybees. Easy to grow. Zone 5-9
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds,


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Orlaya grandifloraWhite Lace Flower SeedsWhite Lace Flower

White Lace Flower Seeds


Type: Hardy annual
Bloom: June to Sept
Flower: 2-3.5″ umbels of tiny white flowers
Height: 24-30″ tall
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well drained
P.H.: 6.0-7.0 Not particular
Moisture: Dry, average
Use: Culinary, cut flower, dried flowers, meadow, beds, back border, mass plant, naturalizing. Attracts honey bees
Cut Flower when 80% of flowers in an umbel are open Vase Life 7-10 days, Dried Flowers when seed pods form but not set
Tolerances: Drought, heat
Notes: May reseed
Zone: 5-9
White Lace Flower Native to Mediterranean

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Orlaya grandiflora Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct sow recommended or refrigerate seed for 1-2 weeks prior to sowing 1/8″ deep 4-5 weeks before Planting outside. Maintain 60-65F or room temperature for germination 12-15 days. When seedlings develop first set of true leaves, transplant to larger containers & grow on at 70-75F am & 64-68F pm. Harden off before planting outside after last frost 9-12″ apart in full sun
Outdoors: Make 2-3 successive thin sowing in rows for 2 weeks after last frost or from April to May for blooms in 12 weeks or in Autumn for flowers following year. Alternatively Autumn or April sowing into unheated greenhouse


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