Winter Wheat Triticum Seeds


Winter Wheat Triticum Seeds
Direct sow Winter Wheat, cool season annual Triticum aestivum in fall for Spring germination
Nitrogen fixing cover crop, cut flower, dried flower, grain. Zone 10-12
Ornamental Grass Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Triticum aestivumWinter Wheat Triticum SeedsWinter Wheat

Winter Wheat Triticum Seeds 

Type: Annual, cool season, clumping
Bloom: June to July
Flower: Tan hermaphrodite
Height: 5′ tall
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well drained, moderately fertile
P.H.: 6.0-7.0 Not particular
Moisture: Average to moist
Use: Culinary, cover crop, soil erosion, weed suppression, medicinal, cut flower, dried flowers
Tolerances: Winds
Notes: Winter wheat with a milder flavor & higher nutrition content than it’s Spring counterpart
Zone: 10-12
Native to North America

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Triticum aestivum Seed Propagation
Indoors: Direct sow recommended
Outdoors: Sow mid September to early December or in fall to allow for 6-8 weeks of growth before the Winter freeze. If planted too late this wheat will not over winter well. Broadcast seeds over prepared bed with light soil cover for S0-60 days cold winter temperatures 32-41F to sprout in Spring for tilling or hard kernels by July. To broadcast, divide seeds in two, broadcast one part in one direction, the remainder in opposite direction. Lightly rake in to depth of 2-2.5″ & firm & keep moist until germination.
Cover crop sow in dry ground, 2″ deep in rows 6-14″ apart or just broadcast, lightly rake in & gently water. Seeds will become dormant & germinate in Spring


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