Yellow Loosestrife


2-3′ tall spikes of bright yellow starry flowers

Deer & rabbit resistant

Lysimachia punctata not to be confused with

the noxious weed purple loosestrife

Organically Grown Perennial Flower Seeds for sun, part shade to full shade



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Lysimachia Lysimachia  Punctatapunctata

Yellow Loose-strife

Yellow Loose-strife (20) Seeds


Type: Perennial
Bloom: Early to mid Summer
Flower: Bright yellow starry flowers upon medium loose spikes
Height: 2-3′ tall & wide
Light: Full sun or part shade or full shade
Soil: Average, sandy or clay
Moisture: Average or moist
Zone: 2-9
Use: Accent, border, cut flower, mass planting, waterside, woodland. Attracts butterflies
Tolerances: Shaded under story. Rabbit and deer resistant
Notes: Easy to grow. Plant forms bushy fast spreading clumps. In border, may need to be reduced in size every year or two. (See More Information Above) Not to be confused with the noxious weed Purple Loose-strife, Lythrum salicaria

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It's said that Loose strife is an invasive species. The location of this yellow Loose strife at the Nursery is in a relatively dry bed situated under a big Western Red Cedar Tree. Never has this plant wandered or spread in 15+ years. Perhaps not the most favorable conditions but continues to flower year after year. Since I always look forward to and enjoy this yellow loose strife, I wanted to share. Enjoy!


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