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Yew Tree


1 Gal

Taxus baccata
Popular Bonsi, Topiary, Specimen or Hedge
Can reach 70′ mature height
Takes to Shearing well

Full Sun to Full Shade

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Yes Tree 1 Galbaccata
Common Yew Tree

Life Cycle: Perennial
Type: Evergreen Habit: Bushy, broad, conical, w/attractive flaking bark
Foliage: Deep Green
Height: 15′ Mature height 30-70’ Width: 15-30’
Fragrant: Yes
Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade
Soil: Fertile, moist, well drained
Moisture: Avg
Temperature: Dislike excessive heat
Zone: 6-8
Use: Hedges, topiary, borders, specimen, wood for carving
Note: All parts except for the red flesh if berries is Poisonous



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