Zinnia Green Envy Seeds


Zinnia elegans Green Envy
Green flowers, easy to grow
Interesting cut flower
Organically Grown Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

15 seeds/pkt

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Zinnia elegansZinnia Green Envy

Green Envy

Type: Annual
Bloom: Summer to Fall
Flower: Pale green
Height: 30-36″ tall
Light: Sunny and Sheltered
Soil: Fertile, Well drained, Well cultivated
Moisture: Regularly
Zone: 8-11
Use: Children’s gardens, back borders, mixed borders, cut flowers, mass planting, mixed beds
Tolerances: Somewhat frost hardy
Notes: Deadheading frequently encourages re-bloom

Zinnia elegans Seed Propagation
Indoors: Sow 3-4 weeks before last frost, at a temperature of 70-75°F Germination 5-10 days
Transplant when at least 2 sets of true leaves, spaced 12-18” apart
Outdoors: After danger of frost, when night temps reach 60°F consistently, sow 1/8” deep or four times thickness of seed. Thin to required spacing



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