Zinnia Zahara Rose Seeds


Zinnia Zahara Rose Seeds, Z. marylandica
Easy to grow
Colorful Free Blooming for borders, containers
Annual Flower Seeds for full sun, Canada

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Zinnia marylandicaZinnia Zahara Rose SeedsZahara Rose Starlight

Zinnia Zahara Rose Seeds


Type: Annual, Easy to grow
Bloom: June to Frost
Flower: White and Pink with Yellow center
Height: 12-18” tall, 12-18” spread
Light: Sun
Soil: Fertile, Well drained
Water: Average. Regular with dry periods. Water at ground level. Avoid overhead
Zone: 8-11
Use: Border, Containers, Bedding, Cut flower
Tolerances: Somewhat frost hardy
Problems: None
Notes: Dead head frequently to encourage re-bloom. Fertilize 2x during summer

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