Schlumbergera Advanced Propagation & Care

How to Root Schulmbergera Joint Cuttings

Schlumbergera Propagation starts with easily rooted joint sections

.Schlumbergera joint section

During summer take cuttings of (or pinch off) joints (sections)

Pinch off joint sections

Often this time of year while handling Schlumbergera, joint sections will just fall off. Most will still root.

Allow cuttings to cure for a day or so

Cure shlumbergera cuttings

Then poke into moist media of equal parts peat & sand

Plant cured cuttings

Firm planted cuttings

Firm in cuttings

Keep semi moist. Water from the bottom

Be sure to label your potted cuttings

Label potted cuttings

Keep in closed frame until rooted then gradually submit to more air. Pot up as required.

When to Transplant Schlumbergera Rooted Cuttings

Schlumbergeras like to be root bound. Trans every 2-3yrs. Schlumbergera propagation has never been so easy, right?

Schlumbergera After Care
In April, start with equal volume parts peat, leaf mold, loam & sand. Add 10z bone meal per gallon container. Pot up to 5″ pots & place in semi-shade. Provide good light & humidity during growing season

Indoor plants can be placed outside in sheltered, shaded position in June until late September to ripen new growths. Bring into frost free area before first frost to where temperatures wont drop below 55F

Fertilizer: Begin to feed weak liquid fertilizer weekly once buds begin to form
Moisture: Allow soil to become dry to the touch between watering. Don’t let soil dry out or buds will drop. Keep moist but not soggy.

Notes: Cool 12 hour (dark) nights encourages bloom
Deadheading encourages new bloom

To care for Schlumbergera is easy. Propagation is even easier! Short lived 3-4 day flowers but on a mature specimen is well worth the wait!

Compare True Christmas Cactus Here with it’s imposter Schlumbergera truncata

Enjoy your Christmas Cactus.