Seeds To Sow in February

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Indoors or under glass

It’s that time of year again. Seeds to Sow in January, indoors are still chilling while some are sprouting getting ready for early blooms for 2022. Seeds to sow in February indoors and although may be some missing from the following, are listed below.

With such time sensitivity, it’s not hard to get fully consumed in what wants what & when for a flourishing end result of Summer full of beautiful colourful flowers, for birds, bees & butterflies but also for our precious seeds. Month one has just flown by. Now here it is almost the middle of February, when things start to heat up for a full blown grow on for March, sowing indoors & direct.

An exciting time of year. Personally I get so excited when I’m planning the sowings & gardens. The biggest satisfaction is sharing the end result with everyone who shows interest. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Saltspring Nursery. Your business is very much appreciated, with pleasure. So enjoy your seeds & may your garden flourish beautifully.

Seeds to Sow in February indoors or under glass as follows are recommended for our Zone 8. Fellow gardeners back east, in Alberta, even parts of the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, basically all Zones lower than 8 can wait a few weeks more than us here on the South Coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
Most sourcing seed from Saltspring Nursery are savvy gardeners & can figure it out for their own Zone & last frost date. The following list is basically to give a heads up that the time is now.


Cornflower Blue Boy

Cornflower Mountain

Cupids Dart

Dianthus Flashng Lites

Flamingo Feather

Globe Thistle Blue Glow

Globe Thistle Ritro

Hollyhock Antwerp

Rose Campion

Shasta Daisy

Shingku Daisy

Western Red Cedar

Cat Grass

Amaranthus, Hot Biscuit

Amaranthus, Love Lies Bleeding

Aster Early Charm 


Calendula, Snow Princess

Calendula, Zeolites

Chamomile German


Coolio Blue Hair Grass

Coreopsis Early Sunrise

Coreopsis Roulette

Cucumber, Suyo

Curry Plant

Dusty Miller

Echinacea Yellow

Feverfew Magic Lime

Forget Me Not Chinese

Frosted Curls Grass

Gaillarida Arizona Sun

Gilia Globe Wildflwr

Himalayan Honey suckle

Lions Tail

Loosestrife Yellow


Millet Prpl Majesty

Miscanthus Zebrinus

Nasturtium, Phoenix

Nicotinia Lime Green

Phlox Dwarf Beauty

Poppy Flanders Field

Poppy Orientale


Snow in Summer

Summer Jewel Salvia

Sunflower Mexican

Vista Red Salvia

Winged Everlasting

Fringe Cup

Pyrethrum Daisy


Sea Holy Wilmotts Ghost

Candytuft Iceberg

Anise Hyssop 

Forget Me Not

Hydrangea Oakleaf

Lupine My Castle

Centaurea cyanus

Centaurea montana

Catananche caerulea

Dianthus deltoids

Celosia spicata

Echinops bannaticus

Echinops ritro

Althaea filicifolia

Lychnis coronaria

Chrysanthemum maximum

Chrysanthemum coronarium

Thuja plicata

Hordeum vulgare

Amaranthus cruentus

Amaranthus caudatus

Callistephus chinensis

Basil ocium

Calenduala officinalis

Calendula officinalis

Matricaria recutita

Aquilegia vulgaris

Koeleria glauca

Coreopsis grandiflora

Coreopsis tinctoria

Cucumis sativus

Helichrysum angustifolium

Senico cineraria bicolor

Echinacea paradoxa

Tanacetum parthenium

Cynoglossum amabile

Carex comans

Gaillarida aristata

Gilia capitata

Leycestra formosa

Leonitis leonurus

Lysimachia punctata

Tagetes lucida

Pennisetum glaucum

Miscanthus sinensis

Tropaeolum majus

Nicotinia alata

Phlox drummondii

Papaver rhoeas

Papaver oientale

Antirrhinum majus

Cerastium tomentosum

Salvia coccinea

Tithonia rotundifolia

Salvia splendens

Ammobium alatum

Tellima grandifora

Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium

Rosemary officinalis

Eryngium giganteum

Iberis unbellate

Agastache foeniculum

Mysosotis arvensis

Hydrangea quercifolia

Lupinus hybrid


There are most Seeds to Sow in February, indoors or underglass.

Any seeds of interest simply visit, go to top left to search by common or latin name to find the seeds.