Snow Delays Spring Planting

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At Least A Month Behind

Such beautiful sunny blue skies but brisk with the grounds around here pretty much still frozen, snow delays Spring planting. It’s just too cold yet.

Just when I planned to do most sowing direct to lighten the labor intensive load of sowing indoors, pinching out, potting on & hardening off before permanent positioning or overwintering dependent on what we’re growing, frozen ground makes it impossible for any March direct sowing. Appears we are going to be a least a month behind this year, by my estimates.

snow delays spring planting
Strategically choosing & timing seeds this year due to this unusual cold snap. Turns out most is being started indoors, to assure a long enough growing season, once we can move things out.

It is said these lows will remain with us here on the coast until mid March, so patience everyone.

If your choice of seeds are those that don’t require a long hot season, may be best to wait until the ground can be worked to direct seed. Planting indoors can take up a lot of room, result in lanky seedlings if enough light is not able to be provided.

Definitely try to resist indoor starts now, that would normally be started at this time such as sunflowers & other seeds that germinate readily & that are quick to move outdoors.

I have started all peppers indoors this week. They should be fine by the time the weather warms up. I keep them under the lights for about a month or so anyway.

This cold freeze is great for those seeds that require a cold moist stratification period which I am taking full advantage of.

Tomato starts indoors should be okay with a little late than usual timing. On the Coast, we have up until mid April to sow indoors. Hopefully the weather will balance itself out so to be warm enough when it is time for those starts to be planted in the garden, if those seeds are started in another week or so.

Tomatoes can take up a lot of room & love heat as they’re getting started. Cucumbers starts are a ways off yet. This cold snap shouldn’t effect those plantings.

Grow lights are a good investment, particularly this year, when snow delays spring planting. Helps to keep young seedlings from stretching to some real sunlight.

Good Luck! & Happy Planting.