Snowy Zone 8 Winter 2017

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Snowy Winter 2017

 A season to be remembered!

What a difference between last year 2016 and this year Winter 2017! A very snowy Zone 8 Winter 2017.

I do recall we got poured upon for days in April of 2016. Rivers were flowing down our property.
Unseen to quite that extreme in my generation ever before.

Here it is March 6, 2016 on our snowy wet coast. Forecast just announced more snow for tomorrow.
Having looked up the long range for our Island, I see snow flakes in and around up until March 21, which is the first day of Spring!

Snow is on parts of the ground here as I type this. Not to worry however, I am about to embark on fluffing my poppy bed this morning. A bit late to seed but are we not behind at least a month this year?
Am going to give it a whirl.

In the meantime are we not all anxious to get out there to do our final clean up before top dressing and mulching? Clean up? I should say! This late Winter into Early Spring calls for more clean up as usual due to the amount of breakage from our heavy and prolonged snow falls in the past month.

Take everything in stride people. Let nature takes it course. We will get to it when we get a round to it. Like when the snow is all gone perhaps? Just above freezing this morning in our zone 8. A bit brisk but today the sun shines. Right on the area I will be working in within the hour.

Indoor seeds today although again a bit late are sweet spanish onions, ruby reds as well as cosmos. Many seeds already in under lights and heat. Most have sprouted and moved to a bit cooler second stage last night.

Despite this cool weather I am optimistic that our growing season may be a prolonged one since our Spring is obviously a bit late.

Sure I see the daff, tulips and snow drops out. Crocuses almost finished but with snow in the forecast again for tonight or tomorrow that puts us yet another day behind.

Update: I managed to get one section of the poppy bed fluffed. It snowed and then hailed. The poppy beds are still laying in wait.

Indoors to sow a couple more flats for now. Patience.

Look at it this way; While we  wait  for better gardening weather, allowing some time for things to dry out a bit, we are presented with the perfect opportunity to clean out our garden shed. At least tidy it up some.

Sharpen tools perhaps if we hadn’t already done that in the fall before putting away. Starting seeds indoors, getting seeds in outdoors that require that last cold chill and perhaps planning our new garden bed design.

We must not forget to fertilize our apple trees before Winter is over. They will appreciate a composted manure dressing.

What I find most satisfying between downfalls and snowflakes, providing that the ground is no longer frozen is weeding out pesky areas. I find that especially weeds with long roots are much easier to pull right now. Now is the time to pull any unwanted docks and buttercups.

There is really never any shortage of things to do for an avid gardener and we do learn to master patience, whether we like it or not. Especially during a very snowy Zone 8 Winter prolonged.


Cold Hands, Warm Heart.