Storing Garlic For Longevity

What Works Best For Storing Garlic

Different people use different techniques for storing garlic once it has had time to cure. I’ve tried a couple ways for storing cured garlic, in effort to find one that works best for longevity.
The longest storage capacity of a particular variety of garlic I believe is nine months.
Personally I’m happy if I can manage to be still using the end of last years garlic around the time the following years garlic is being harvested.
Past technique involved cutting the bulbs from stock after curing & placed singly in flats. The bulbs were going soft before the following planting season. Last few years the garlic is instead hung in the bunches they cured in, out of direct sunlight in an airy shed for a couple of months. Sometimes longer if I haven’t quite got to the storage stage but before frosts arrive.

Once the hanging garlic is nicely cured, the labelled bunches are taken into a frost free cold room area where they are left hanging in bunches when stored.

Garlic Storing for longevity

Bulbs are cut from stock at use.
This is a successful garlic storage technique. In comparison to cutting bulbs from stock & storing in single layers in boxes, hanging the garlic in the bunches they were collected in during curing seem to last a lot longer. Firm tight bulbs until next harvest. Seems to work equally well for onions as well.
This is the best storing garlic technique for longevity. It works.