Strawberry Mulch

Turns out last year with the weather as it was the reed canary didn’t get cut. Therefore we were short on strawberry mulch and mulch for the vegetable garden.

When the garlic was put in last fall, I did manage to get a bale on those two beds. By late Spring the garlic was growing nicely.

strawberriesThe strawberries were requiring a nice top dress and mulch but I didn’t have enough left.

I recall reading somewhere that once the garlic is up and growing, the mulch can be removed.

Aha! Enough mulch was able to be taken off the garlic beds and moved to two 40 foot rows of garlic mulchstrawberries. Mulch is a wonderful thing. Especially for strawberries.

More research is due however. Removing the mulch from the garlic beds was a nice fix for the strawberries strawberry mulchbut likely not something I would do again because the garlic beds dried out so quickly after that.

Not sure why it is said that the mulch on the garlic beds is to be removed after the garlic begins growing nicely. Feel free to chime in if you have any ideas about removing mulch from garlic once it starts growing nicely the following Spring.

Now the garlic is ready for harvest and the strawberries are happy plants!