What’s Wrong With The Jasmine

Jasmine CareRecently I was asked what’s wrong with my Jasmine.

This plant is in a huge pot just outside the front door of a private home.

The location is partial sun.

The leaves where shriveled. My first thought was mites or aphids but upon further inspection I noted that the new growth was vigorous with healthy shades of green.

My second thought, being late March here on the West Coast was the plant was bitten by frost.

My conclusion was the plant got too cold.

Future reference is to mulch the Star Jasmines nicely before Winter sets in.

Since Saltspring Island gardeners have a prolific problem with the grazing deer, this Star Jasmine happens to be enclosedin wire mesh.

I would suggest using this form to your advantage and wrap it in Burlap or something to keep the cool temperatures out, thus providing further Winter protection.

Perhaps one is not interested in a burlap wrapped cage at the front entrance of their home and I get that. So use a nicely cut piece of clear heavy plastic, which wouldn’t be as hard on the eyes.

With the arrival of warm weather, the Star Jasmine is doing just fine. The earlier frost damage is now barely noticeable.