Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird FoodWild Bird Food Preferences

Seems not all birds are alike when it comes to what they prefer for their source of food.

It is interesting to note that certain birds seem to prefer certain types of feeders as well.

Such as Goldfinch who apparently seem to prefer a hanging tube feeder than a platform which other birds tend to prefer to feed from than any other type.

Food preferred by Starling, Bobwhite Quail, Ring-necked Pheasant, House Sparrow and Dove is cracked corn.

Downy, Hairy and Red-bellied Woodpecker prefer suet.

Woodpecker, Jays, Starling and Oriole prefer fruit.

Woodpecker, Finch, Oriole and Hummingbird prefer Nectar or Sugar Water.

The Goldfinch, Chickadee, Nuthatch, White-throated and White-crowned Sparrow, Purple Finch and Dove all prefer Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. We grow these simply every year for the birds.

Reference for this info was accessed quite sometime ago from Home Made Simple website but when I followed the link back, the page had been moved. I’m sure the article is in there somewhere.